Concrete hot tub base. “Hot tubs are a popular request from my clients,” says Paul Lafrance, founder of design & build firm Paul Lafrance Design. Place your fire pit right next to the hot tub for convenient proximity when you get out of the hot tub. Photo via Long Island … Or, position your hot tub between the wood trellis for additional privacy. Some are folding it in half to fill around a 1″ gap, however, they did also say there should not be a 4 inch gap if the SpaVault and spa is installed correctly. Dropping a hot tub into a deck requires a removable panel for just that. – Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the placement just right. Fully recessed hot tubs may actually make entering the spa a challenge. Is it too moist above a hottub or ok to do that? Add seating around the fire pit by creating a built-in wall, by using stools, or by adding an outdoor dining set nearby. Move your cursor into the drawing area and click to place the hot tub. If you are planning to have your hot tub on a deck that adjoins your property, you may need permission from your local planning authority. How can landscape lights improve the hot tub experience? Raised platform hot tub design with horizontal stainless steel cable railing. When considering a tiny home, take some time to. But a hot tub will be further complemented by adding a fire pit to go along with it. Photo by Laura Joliet for The NY Times via The Garden Glove. These are also an excellent way to provide some privacy around your spa. See all of our free deck plans here. If you decide to use wood instead, make sure the wood is properly sealed (i.e. This short deck, composite design is stunning for creating a relaxing space for hosting dinner parties, enjoying time with family, or creating a space for relaxation. When installing a hot tub in your deck, ensure the structure is stable to support the weight of a completely filled hot tub safely without shifting. Include bamboo and candles to give the area a more zen feel, or add a simple piece of shrubbery to enhance the space. This is perfect for creating a space that allows for privacy, provides shade, and is a fun way to play with the space. We suggest that it is compacted and flattened. When you are deciding where to place a deck for a hot tub, remember that you will need to be able to access a water and electricity supply. However, there are some guidelines to help you estimate what your deck can handle. This hot tub enclosure offers an open look with a feeling of protection from … Hot tubs can relieve stress and anxiety and they help relieve pain from arthritis. You can do this with removable planks in a deck or a grate in an in-ground installation. The disadvantage is it can be expensive, and it is not very environmentally friendly as some of the other options detailed in this article. Another important consideration when building a spa in a deck is the insulation around the tub. And that can make your soaks a little less enjoyable. If you want an open space for your hot tub, but don’t want to completely omit privacy, use slightly spaced trellis to create an enchanting area to unwind at the end of the day. Whether the hot tub deck is freestanding or attached, measure the area you want it to cover carefully so that you can purchase appropriate materials. Use faux stone in your hot tub deck design to create a unique look to your backyard patio and hot tub. Mix in some plants and other succulents to make the area pop with color and appeal. To build such a hot tub deck, a perfect … Figure 1 - Hot tub on raised deck. This woven privacy screen is also a fun way to give your hot tub some privacy while you’re soaking. Check out Bullfrog Spas blog post, 63 Incredible Ideas for Your Perfect Hot Tub Deck. Find inspiration in your patio decor design with this impressive lattice fence and fabric curtains. Once you finish, you’ll receive your instant price quote. Sometimes, only one side is needed, but depending on the hot tub model, you may need to do this on all four sides. As for spaces between the deck and the hot tub, you need to factor in, among other things, soaker safety and lumber longevity. Dig Holes for the Footers. Here are a few ideas for reinforcing your deck: If you’re feeling overwhelmed after reading through these 63 hot tub deck designs, don’t fret! Add plants to the landscape which are native to the area. Incorporate greenery, outdoor furniture, and even a fire pit, to design a space to entertain guests. If the drop requires more than 5 steps, a more traditional staircase might be the best option for you to explore. One option is to build the hot tub into a deck or other setting. It’s always advisable to leave some space. Often the mechanical arm anchoring system to help lift and put back the cover goes down to about 20 inches or more, depending on the cover.”. Photo by Better Homes and Gardens. Also, dig … In most cases, it’s easier and more cost-effective to put the hot tub foundation on the ground and build a deck around it. Construct a wood slat fence around your hot tub for a modern, sleek design with the added benefit of privacy. We reached out to deck, landscape and hot tub experts around the world for their absolute best tips and tricks. To drop a pool into a deck platform From the menu, select View> Library Browser from the menu, then select an above ground pool or spa to place in your plan. Integrate a horizontal stainless steel cable railing to give the design a modern look and feel. Dec 28, 2020 - Explore Your Town's board "Hot tub deck", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to include plants and greenery in your backyard … – Tip provided by Clemens Jellema, Fine Decks, Maryland. Decide where you want to place the platform. Less than that, and you’ll need to look for an ex-contortionist from Cirque du Soleil to do the tune-up work.”. But if you want to go the post and cement footing route, Beaulieu recommends consulting a professional to … When you’re tired of the color, swap out the color and pattern for something fresh and new. You could also consider adding benches in between the hot tub and the fire pit, so guests can easily go back and forth between the two areas. See more ideas about hot tub deck, hot tub outdoor, hot tub backyard. A hot tub enhances any backyard, creating a great opportunity to host guests any time of year. Contact us to learn how you can buy from home, locate the hot tub close to the patio door. Choose a rug color that complements your home and furnishings. Some yards just have that it-factor that’s hard to pinpoint. Just intalled the spa in a vault and have a 4 inch gap all the way around the spa. Many people build decks around their hot tubs. For him, 20 inches from the floor of the deck to the top of the tub is ideal. Shade the Spa. When evaluating the various locations for a deck consider how the structure, design, and accessibility will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your hot tub, home and yard. Have fun with the space by adding colorful pillows and plants. Build a Raised Platform around the Spa This deck building option is often used in a situation where you cannot recess your hot tub down into a deck but that is the functionality you want. You can do a partially in-ground installation as well. It depends on the distance above the spa and the general ventilation in the area. The preservative treatment is made to the surface only and not throughout the lumber. Decks built ground level up to 2 feet off the ground can support up to 100 lbs per square foot; sufficient for most hot tubs. tar paper). Get an MSRP price quote on a Bullfrog Spa model in your area by starting with our Design Studio software. If you’re working on a budget, use cement blocks to create a striking patio design in your backyard. An admirable and comfortable hot tub landscaping which will allow you to enjoy it in any weather conditions. Include a gazebo to create some additional privacy along with a BBQ, patio furniture, and other items to entertain guests. Can we set it on gravel? Ground level decks set outdoor living spaces apart and give you a beautiful area to add chairs, potted plants, and even a grill for entertaining. Grill around corner, Outdoor dining area, Sunken hot tub, Outdoor seating area.Most Girly Things! Incorporating light in your outdoor design can brighten dark corners and add emphasis on areas you want to highlight…perhaps your hot tub. When it comes to outfitting an outdoor space, hot tubs are must-haves for many homeowners. Designing a deck specifically for a hot tub requires a lot of forethought. It’s always recommended to check with the hot tub’s manufacturer for specific weight information first. When positioning your hot tub in your outdoor landscape, keep in mind which areas get prevailing winds, a lot of sun, and shade. Keeping your hot tub covered when not in use will save energy, prolong the life on the spa and avoid unnecessary hot tub maintenance. Are you seeking a romantic atmosphere for you and your significant other? Incorporate plants, lanterns, and cozy chairs to make the place more inviting. This two level hot tub deck design really does it nice. Simple concept. When trying to determine if your deck is strong enough to hold a hot tub, it’s important to get an expert opinion. Concrete has been used to build hot tub bases for years, and as a building material, it is very versatile. When it comes to structural support, the safest bet is a solid base independent of the deck. This top tips for building hot tub decks post is from the experts at Real, check them out to see why you should consider authentic cedar for your deck. See our hot tub models. Because of that, take some time to consider where you want your hot tub, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and how you can integrate the hot tub into your landscape design. My biggest dilema is how to build a 24″ wide x hot tub height deck surrounding our free standing hot tub (like #17) that will also have tub panel access on all sides for service maintenance when needed?? What is impressive about this kind of design is that you can create a spillway between the hot tub and pool. See more ideas about backyard, hot tub deck, building a deck. Follow us on Instagram for even more ideas! Whether you’re interested in a modern look, eco-friendly, a place for family and friends, a do-it-yourself project, or simply a beautiful place to retreat to for some relaxation, there’s something here for everyone. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients (especially with young children or small pets) prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel (where the reservoir is) and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. […] some more ideas? Whatever you decide to do, this outdoor designs adds a stylish feature to your backyard patio. A landscape architect will provide a layout of your plan and help guide your contractor if necessary. Go modern with wood, multi-level decking by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London. Here's a simple idea for how to make an easy and cheap deck for a hot tub. A simple tutorial for a fast and easy DIY: how to make a hot tub deck on a budget. Add some candles to set the mood for either a romantic night with your spouse or a fun night of entertaining guests. Have some fun with your space by adding a firepit, pergola, and circular seating with colorful throw pillows. Here's a simple idea for how to make an easy and cheap deck for a hot tub. Interject smooth, symmetrical lines in your backyard design with this multi-step short deck, accented with a stone path, pergola, raised bench, and colorful patio umbrella. When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18” rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. Simple wood steps are another excellent addition to your hot tub design if you want a modern, yet practical entrance without the huge cost. Another reason to place the hot tub close to the house.”. Place the Footers. Don’t compromise on your vision, and you’ll soon be showing off your one-of-a-kind hot tub deck to friends and family. An upper level with sunken hot tub and built in benches surround it. For saving sight lines around small spaces, sinking the hot tub in the deck area is an excellent idea. There were a lot of great ideas in this huge article! Large enough to comfortably entertain guests, you can incorporate shrubs, trees, and other vegetation to the area to add shade and privacy. Thanks for the question. Decks and hot tubs what you need to know before build how to install a hot tub on top of your home deck ideas how to install a hot tub on deck tos diy decks and hot tubs what you need to know before build can i build a deck around my hot tub the top 80 best hot tub deck ideas relaxing backyard designs. Here you will add on a second deck level built around the top of the hot tub that will give you the same desired effect. Two tier decks are the perfect design for hot tubs to give the sunken-in look yet accessible. Build one yourself with these simple DIY tips, or turn it into a gazebo to shade your hot tub. The perfect spa, in the perfect setting, can create an oasis that meets your dreams, needs, and budget. Usually, a deck that is raised a few feet can handle about 100 pounds per square foot. Revitalization. An elevated deck can usually hold about 50 pounds per square foot. Create a flat space beneath the section of deck where the hot tub will go and … Plus, by incorporating the four elements (earth, fire, wind, and water) into your space, you’re involving all your senses and adding value to your property. When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18” rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. To achieve that perfect at-home retreat many people are incorporating relaxing hot tubs into their landscape designs. Maximizing sunshine with a northern exposure backyard posed a challenge but we solved it. Behind the Spa there is a privacy wall. In this hot tub deck design, Long Island Hot Tub sunk the spa halfway into the ground then built a stone wall around the spa. Pressure-treated wood is critical since the deck will be exposed to rain and the water from the hot tub, and pressure-treated lumber resists damage and deterioration from exposure to water or moisture. An Inground Hot Tub Weight of one gallon of water is 8.34 lbs. Include an artistic inlay to give the space the feel of running water through a forest. Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead. Plus, it just looks beautiful – especially when paired with a brand new hot tub! Throw in some colorful pillows and seat cushions to make this a cozy place to sit. But decks 2 feet or higher will need added support. The fire pit can also offer warmth once you’re out of the hot tub and drying off, or it can be used to roast marshmallows and make s’mores on a summer night. In this space above, they’ve created an inviting space that is perfect for stretching out and entertaining. Ground Installation. A simple tutorial for a fast and easy DIY: how to make a hot tub deck on a budget. Even in an open space (like the spa above), make sure the hot tub has some privacy. I love #17. A raised stone platform design with entrance steps creates a spacious outdoor patio. Click here for the full PDF. Pretty easy to build. Consider choosing an array of lights, including walkway lighting, standing lamps, patio lights, and spotlights to illuminate your trees and shrubbery. Dec 28, 2020 - Explore Your Town's board "Hot tub deck", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. This will give you the typical pounds you’ll need your deck to support. Check out the entire hot tub deck design plan from Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London, Think about how you plan to use the hot tub and any views you may enjoy while in the hot tub. Spas and hot tubs by themselves are wonderful, but when they are just plopped onto the back patio, they can look kinda plain. I want a recessed hot tub but am concerned about service access to the mechanics. Choose an indoor/outdoor carpet that complements your style and adds warmth to the space. I bought plans from woodprix and I made it very fast. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. If you’re building a new deck, the slab should be formed and poured at the same time as your concrete footings. Relaxation. No matter what your choice is, enhancing the look of your hot tub is a must since it will the major focal point of your outdoor space. However, it’s important to not sacrifice function over form. Description: All natural insect resistance, renewable resources and 100% recyclable material. Include plants, outdoor furniture, and other decor to make the space uniquely you…one you’ll love spending time in after a long day. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York. This gives you the easiest access to the spa with a simple step over the edge. There will be electrical, plumbing, excavation issues, and other aspects to address. A flat, level surface such as a concrete slab is the ideal location for a hot tub. Create the perfect kitchen area in your deck design where you can entertain both family and friends. My hot tub will be flush with the decking. That being said, it is generally understood that decks situated just a few feet above the ground can hold roughly 100 pounds per square foot. Concrete hot tub base. Hot tubs will always need some kind of service which makes access to the motor so important. For those who live in a desert climate or wants to eliminate grass from their backyard landscape, rocks and native plants are an excellent idea to create a unique, yet stunning, look. Yes. Many people install a hot tub on their deck. The right hot tub lights also allow you to enjoy the beautiful features of your hot tub. It’s the age-old question: Should you place your tub atop or plumb with the deck? 8. If you are building a deck for a hot tub, there are a number of things to consider. Faux stone gives you the real stone look without the high price. There are endless possibilities when building your deck, and sinking your hot tub in it. This screen adds a dramatic lighting element to enhance the outdoor mood with the changing sunlight colors. Most times you can use removable deck planks to achieve access to the equipment side of the spa. Or choose motion-sensor lights in dark areas of the yard if you want to make your yard safer. The amount mostly depends on the expansion characteristics of the decking material, which vary more than the spa itself in most situations. Beaulieu always builds removable floor panels into the frame to ensure accessibility for pump maintenance, etc. Check with your city to ensure you meet the requirements to have a fire pit and choose one that is safe to use in your space. Accent the space with a trellis for plants and other greenery to add to the beauty of the space. Deck structure design plan. The Swift Current is 6 feet in diameter, so setting it on a back corner makes a nice space around the outside to access the tub. Instead of looking into darkness when you hot tub at night, landscape lights allow you to enjoy your yard landscaping even in the darker hours. No matter where you place the fire pit, you can create greater cohesion between the hot tub and fire pit by choosing similar pavers, brick, wood, or other finishes to tie the elements together. If you plan to place the hot tub in a location that was previously lawn, you have two ways to do this. Combine colorful plants, outdoor furniture, and even a rug into the space to make the area pop with your personality. If you can hire a gardener to handle the upkeep, great, but if you’re dreading spending hours doing yard work, create an outdoor space that is low maintenance. Distance from the House. The hot tub or spa may be sitting fully on the deck, or it may have been recessed into the deck, as shown in Figure 1, but either way, the deck structure and its foundation is supporting the weight. London. Design and planning is the key element when purchasing a hot tub. Plus How portable is the Swift Current hot tub spa? Shown below is a Grandee Spa by Hot Spring Spas up against 2 sides of a deck. Follow us on Instagram for more ideas! Do you have any suggested solutions? Make this space yours where you feel comfortable to release the stress of the day. Landscape lights are a must-have if you want to enhance your hot tub experience. Your local home improvement store or contractor can assist you in what options fit best for your area’s climate. Mix and match. The homeowners wanted to feel like they had two distinct areas with privacy around the tub. – Mel Higgins, Aquarius Pools and Spas, Maine. Consider where the spa pack equipment will be located and mark this out as well. If you live in a cooler climate and will be unable to use your pool during the winter months, keeping your hot tub seperate from your pool is probably your best option. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York, Durable hardwoods like Iroko, Acacia and Ipe are ideal for exterior use and will stand the test of time. Often they will be delivered on their side on a cart and then laid down into place. Obviously you can tweak it for your own design, but our free deck blueprint is a good start. Check out our tips below for incorporating landscape lights in your hot tub deck ideas. Can you picture how great your hot tub would look sitting in this setting? You need to consider everything from ensuring adequate structural support to determining the optimal location for the tub to understanding electrical requirements. Made out of recycled materials, Airstone is an affordable resource to give your patio design a natural, earthy feel. Just like a home, a yard should have layers of lighting to use for different purposes. 63 hot tub deck ideas secrets of pro installers designers how to install a hot tub on top of your home deck ideas how to install a hot tub on deck tos diy deck around hot tub plans pinterest home blueprints 66652 deck around hot tub backyard design ideas deck around hot tub backyard design ideas. You can choose from a wide range of lighting options, so there’s something to suit the style of any outdoor space. Did you enjoy this post? Patio lights can be hung along a pergola, a gazebo, or on standing poles. Or install the fire pit on the other side of the yard if you want to create a separate space for lounging and socializing with friends and family. – Gabe Givan, Sonoma Backyard, California. Some of the pictures seems to be partially above and partially below… would that work? If you live in an area with a gorgeous view, why not create the perfect backyard space with a scenic overlook? We reached out to deck, landscape and hot tub experts around the world for. hinged or removable access panels for hot tub – Google Search.. How to build decking around a hot tub but still give easy access to the drain, pumps and . A decorative carpet can accent your outdoor design and infuse some of your personality into the space. Whether your hot tub is located on a suburban deck or on an urban balcony, it might be in the line of sight of your neighbors. hbspt.cta.load(1846238, '87aa81c3-1be8-43bc-990c-99edfe0f5b50', {}); What ideas do you have? Intimacy. Need help creating your very own backyard sanctuary? Approximately 65% of the tub will rest on the deck and 35% will rest on the porch. Place the lights in areas where you’ll be spending most of your time. For a ground installation, mark out an area that’s at least a foot wider than the outside dimensions of your hot tub. Trees and native plants elevate the beauty of the space and provide different depths to include the soft lights to complement the space. Add a foot path in your backyard design (earth), install a fire pit of tiki lamps (fire), hang wind chimes (wind), and include a fountain, pool, or hot tub (water) to enhance your outdoor space and reconnect with your senses. Choose your location carefully, considering your access needs, landscape tastes, and lifestyle. Drawing 1 shows the proposed layout, drawing 2 shows the proposed deck build. “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” – Sylvia Plath. Drinks By The Hot Tub. In addition, the built-in seating can be used as low railing to prevent against accidentally falling off the deck edges while conversing. Yes, you can put a hot tub on a deck. There’s additional engineering considerations, ergonomic factors, aesthetic principals – to name just a few building-plan issues. You may want to consult the decking installer or manufacturer to assess expansion characteristics of the deck itself. Choose custom lighting throughout your garden and in the hot tub to take the atmosphere to the next level.